Trustees' annual reports

These annual reports provide a summary of developments over the years ... you need a PDF file reader (such as the free Acrobat reader) to read these PDF files:

Year Content Link Size
2019 Composition of the Trustees | Water management | Maintenance management | Community 165kb
2018 Composition of the Trustees | The fabric of the building | Community | Looking forward 144kb
2017 Composition of the trustees | Financial matteres | Fabric of the building | Maintenance management information | Community | Managing community information (short-stay visitors) 252kb
2016 An out-of-court settlement is achieved with Old Mutual | Planning the main stage in remedial works | Appointment of a Building Manager and the initiation of a Maintenance Management System | Results of a survey into internet services and the utility of the web site 391kb
2015 A shorter report reminding owners they can choose to pay for the damp proofing needed for their sections | General review of the community 138kb
2014 The cost of damp works and litigation bears down on the levies | Review of the damp problems and thme likely costs | Progress on the litigation front | Norms and standards for good neighbourly behaviour 176kb
2013 A modest increase in the levies | Essential work on the damp proofing continues | Progress report on the litigation with Old Mutual | Once again, no 'Christmas' party 139kb
2012 Again, a general review of the state of things | The sudden spate of scamming undermining trust in apartment rentals 141kb
2011 The levies go up because of external factors outside our control, such as electricity | Survey of levy costs in the Cape Town CBD | General review of the building and facilities | Focus on the use of the Banking Hall | The new Wikipedia page concerning the building 197kb
2010 (Supplementary) A focus on the longer term plans for the damp works and the legal process (and all the costs) 188kb
2010 A more reasonable increase in the levies | Work starts on the urgent damp problems | Litigation begins with Old Mutual | The Soccer World Cup looms | Noise and nuisance from filming 127kb
2009 The levies go up as the world reels from the financial problems of 2008 | Review of the state of the building, including the damp issues | Review of the state of the community 134kb