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How to be a good neighbour in Mutual Heights

People living in Mutual Heights come from many different backgrounds, some down-sizing from houses in the suburbs, some coming to stay from overseas, and some living the city life flitting from one building and one apartment to another. Living in such close proximity can be difficult when people fail to recognise their responsibilities, perhaps because they are used to running around in a freehold suburban property with a garden, or they are coming from a poorer environment, or they simply come from a place with different norms and standards of behaviour. Perhaps they come from a loud apartment block where people have always behaved badly. Problems can be avoided with a little attention to etiquette, and here we offer a few tips on living in close proximity with your neighbours, in Mutual Heights. It was prompted by similar guidelines to be found on the web - our thanks to the sometimes anonymous and usually uncontactable original authors.

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26 April 2019
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