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11 Jul 2019 Why has a decision been made to not allow courier food to be allowed to be delivered to the door? Is this a cheap university residence or a prison? 

For security reasons. There is a consensus that there are too many strange people wandering around at odd hours. And, the contract for the delivery of food is between the resident and the provider; security have no information that allows them to authorise entry to anyone with a pizza box in hand. If residents want food they must be prepared to go downstairs and sign for it.  Comments are invited.

25 Jun 2019 706 BIG thank you to Andy, the trustees and Property Exponents for the excellent work you're doing. It's very much appreciated. Such a well organised and informative AGM. 

We are encouraged!  Thanks for your kind words. Onwards to next year ...

27 May 2019 Thank you for arranging to have Olivia assist me to clean my storeroom. Olivia brought her husband along, and the process took three and a half hours. They worked really hard, and I would like to commend them for their willingness, cheerfulness and focused slog. I’d like to suggest that all the vents in the parking garage be cleaned thoroughly, and the floor swept. There was a significant amount of dirt and dust in my storeroom. 

Noted.  Your kind words will be forwarded and we hope that things are all in order now.

13 Apr 2019 Gym When passing the gym, invariably the lights are left on.  Could not some type of motion sensor be fitted to resolve this wasteful problem? 

Thats a great idea, maybe Dayyaan can look at what the cost would be?

13 Apr 2019 I would suggest that some form of background checks be introduced for short-stay residents. This evening, starting at about 1-00am, a series of female screams, swearing & shouting together with various objects being thrown around & walls being struck erupted which made it impossible to get to sleep. Eventually it was found to emanate from M115. Rather than intervene myself, I spoke to security downstairs who proceeded to said apartment & had a word with the occupants, two females & a male. They apologised but on returning to my apartment, it started up again so went back to security saying either it must be sorted out or the police will be called. We both went to the apartment where it was explained that the noisemaker had got drunk at the Diamond Hotel & someone had spiked her drink. I advised them to take her to hospital & get her sorted out, although I think this was just an excuse. By this time it was about 2_45am. 

The management of the building have no means to check and block unwelcome visitors - it is up to owners and their agencies to do this, for example by checking existing reviews for a person, on the booking platform, before accepting a booking. 

However, for more than a year now we have been capturing contact and identification data for most short-stay visitors (more than 500 to date) and owners (and their agents) have an obligation to register short-stay visitors on the web site BEFORE they arrive. In this case we can follow up with the owner and make sure that they understand their obligations. We are investigating the extent to which we can ensure that we can ensure - after an incident like this - that an owner (or their agent) submits a properly informative review to the booking platform so that the miscreants can be seen to have a history of bad behaviour. 

We are open to further suggestions about how we can manage this problem.

03 Dec 2018 706

I have received very good reviews from airbnb of the front doormen :)

Would it be possible to arrange an xmas bonus to the security & cleaning staff?


The staff who are directly employed by the Body Corporate (Jose the concierge and Colin the building manager) have been thanked for their good work this year, and they have been rewarded.

Your kind comments about the security and cleaning staff will be forwarded.

01 Dec 2018

Congratulations on finally fitting all neon lights to the ground floor area where the front lifts A to D are; the ceiling looks splendid now, and it enhances the frosted glass design on the sliding doors when you reach the top of the stairs and want to access the lifts.

I can't be happier, our building looks better and better!


Thanks for noticing, and for the encouragement!

12 Nov 2018

I am a tenant in the building and entered the building earlier from the side entrance on Parliment Street. When I opened the door I wanted to close it and a women who I had seen stand close to the door expressed interest to enter and asked if she could present her disc and if it worked.
She demanded to know why she had to explain to me who she is and show that her disc works, and I said that it was a security measure for the safety of everyone on the block - I cannot just let her in and I would like to wait for security. She started screening at me but in no way was I rude to her.
When the security came he didn't even test her disc or ask her if it worked, but confirmed that she does live here and he indicated it was ok for her to enter. She left to go to her apartment, but she made it clear that she owns an apartment in the block and I was 'just a tenant'.

If someone had come into the premises who was not permitted, and had caused harm to a resident who refused to let them in without the involvement of security, then the resident would be the last recorded access and might be held responsible for any consequences.


Thank you for this report. Trustees will consider whether it would help to post a notice at the Parliament Street Entrance, clearly indicating that "tail-gateing" is not permitted. Also, whether security must insist on seeing a disc or card actually working. or else write an incident report.

30 Oct 2018 410


As residents and owners of Mutual heights we all contribute substantially to the Adderly for use of the facilities such as the pool. Adderly building is not supplying this service at the moment. I have done a survey and it appears that this is about the only pool in CT that is closed. Adderly managemnet has given some fatuous reasons for not having the pool open. While it is true that the pool cannot be topped up by municipal water thers are other options. 

Water delivery is available for very reasonable prices

Water can be stored in a bladder (which can also be hired) Adderly claims they do not have space to store water. Rubbish! they have an entire parking garage and store rooms.

The pool ca also be partially opened or opened for a few hours. 

I suspect the Adderly is just too lazy or lacks the commitment to customer service to open the pool. In general they have a can't care and rude attitude.


Leigh has taken the matter up with Permanent Trust managing agent. 

30 Oct 2018 410

Film Shoot - I am all in favour of the building earning revenue from film shoots. It is also good for the economy of Cape Town. The last bunch that filemd here (inside man 2) were a law unto themselves. Some of the issues were:

1) Urinating of film crew security in parliament street entrance (saw this with my own eyes at 5 am one morning)

2) Rude and offensive behavior by crew towards my visitors

3) Explsions being set of without warning traumatising my dog

4) One of my visitors confronted by a machine gun in his face in the lobby as he exited. Very upsedtting as he had no idea what was going on. 

5)Noise from film crrew shouting at each other at night in parliament street.

The attitude of this crew sucked. I took it up with the crew manager and he was nonchalant about it laughing about the urination near the building entrance.


Issues were addressed by film crew.

10 Aug 2018 507

The issues I have with the building hark back for many years:

1) door slamming - there must be something that can be done to control the doors

2) Unruly behaviour of occupiers of apartments, especially on weekends at the end of the month, and First Thursdays

3) Non-committal security personnel

4) Even stricter controls regarding short term rentals (six people in 413 last weekend), some of whom were smoking on the inside balcony in the early hours of the morning of 4 and 6 August)


Issues were taking care off. 

21 Jul 2018 There is a group of about twelve young women moving around the building, taking photographs of themselves. Security is unaware of who they are, and who let them in? 

Permission was given by Colin. Oversea fashion shoot.

01 Jul 2018 I forgot to mention in the survey it might be nice to give the security people a bonus at the end of the year. We think their service is excellent. 

This will be taken into account in the analysis of the survey - thank you

30 Jun 2018

(About a broadcast email on 29 June 2018, urging owners and others to respond to the 2018 Community Survey)

I don’t know who wrote the content of this email but I find the tone incredibly patronising and borderline insulting.

2 weeks? Do you not understand that many owners are incredibly busy people and that this time frame is nothing in a busy corporate persons life. “Come on, people”? This is not Suzelle DIY.

May I suggest a slightly different tone. And s very large helping of customer service training for whom ever felt they were in a position to send such a rude and badly thought out response.

Remind people, encourage people, do it in a positive way.


This email was signed off as from 'The Management Office', but it was not, it was from me - Andy Bytheway - your chairman. It represented my personal views (which have not changed). I have apologised to the office and mirrored that apology temporarily on the front page of the web site.

Future broadcast emails will properly indicate the source.

25 Jun 2018

Just want to let you know our geyser burst today (we think). We turned off the water and geyser switch. We are only able to get a plumber first thing in the morning.
We just want to say how appreciative we are that security warned us about it so quickly and put bins underneath the leaks. They are really on the ball.
Do you know if any insurance covers things like this?

 Yes, the insurance policy does cover you but with an excess that you will have to pay, depending on the circumstances.
06 Jun 2018

I see more and more dogs in the building. As much as I love them, I never considered getting one as I thought they were not allowed. The rules & regulations I have do mention that they are allowed, but only by special agreement from the body corporate. Is this the case? There must be a dog on each floor of the building now, some being well behaved, others.. not so much, as we hear them barking from the atrium. Moreover, jack russels and yorkshires are quite "acceptable" in a loft, but what about terriers and labradors?

I saw 2 dogs in 2 days, one black labrador that exited from Parliament St with its owner yesterday afternoon (can easily be checked with the camera in front of the lifts), and another (average size, breed unknown) this evening on the 3rd floor on the red route while taking the stairs to go to the gym, and indeed I am not talking about the small dogs that stay in a basket. Of course I didn't check/ask about which apartment the people were staying in, but can't help noticing more and more, and definitely not small, which saddens me as I am a dog lover (used to have 12 German shepherds on my property) and would never have anything bigger than a terrier in a building like ours.


The larger dog that you saw was a mixed breed dog from apartment 105 and has been given permission by the trustees for a two/three month stay whilst the owner is having alterations done to their house ....

24 Apr 2018

I just want to acknowledge the exceptional assistance provided by Mutual Heights security staff, at the end of last year, when I had an accident and had to be rushed to Christiaan Barnard Hospital Accident and Emergency Department. You guys really rose to the occasion (it was the day when the streets were closed for the switching on of the Christmas Lights) and I am grateful. Don't know what would have happened without you.

I'm sorry it took me so long to acknowledge your help publically. I should have done this earlier!



Security company has been thanked.

04 Apr 2018

On Thursday night around 22:45, I returned from dinner in an Uber, and walking into the main entrance of the building, I was ambushed and my cell phone stolen.

Security tried their best and tried to pursue the suspect, but I think it is quite unfortunate that the person was so brazen (and was able to be) that he literally walked into the building behind me. The incident happened on the first landing coming up the stairs in front of the Concierge desk.



Security report that they immediately gave chase, all the way into the railway station, where they lost him.

Building management have spoken to Vizual head office and have advised that in future at night security will need to be posted at the front stairway door leading into the building, not up at the desk area unless needed there. The roaming security will need to be vigilant around the main entrance area. The area manager of Vizual will also make more night inspections and check to see that all is as it should be.  Mo Hendricks at the CCID (who is concerned with any problems in this area) has been informed.

20 Jan 2018 609

The occupants of apartment 609 have been reported to be flicking burning cigarettes out of their windows. Last night alone 4 cigarettes were seen coming out of the window. We're sure he rents and isn't even supposed to be smoking in the apartment. This is a major safety concern with our balcony being below him, and also the fact that we have to pray it's doesn't cause a fire and constantly clean up his mess.

Thsis is irresponsible and disrespectful.


The owner and others known to be associated with this apartment have been instructed to ensure this ceases forthwith. Trustees will review the evidence to date, and take further action as appropriate.  The owner is already warned that there will be penalties if the problem continues.

06 Nov 2017 8 (BkHall)

I'm taking this opportunity to write about the Banking Hall and the festivities that occurred there last weekend. [The occupant of my apartment] informed me that she tried to oppose the closing time (2am!) but was told by Moira that the space is zoned G7 and that the City of Cape Town approved the timeframe. The space was basically used for a trance party. She had to vacate the flat to sleep somewhere else as the noise was unbearable.

I find the whole event unacceptable and want to know what the body corporate is doing to stop this kind of misuse of the space in a building that is predominantly residential. If this is not dealt with speedily it will impact on the value of the properties on the levels affected by the noise and trashy appearance and use of the space.

I have never lodged a complaint to the BC as I have always prided myself in the fact that Mutual Heights is beautifully managed but this definitely warrant strong opposition.


The complainant has been informed of the extensive efforts of the trustees and managing agents to understand and manage the compliancy issues, having regard to all the body corporate, city and legal requirements. Any evidence that is available about excessive noise or unacceptable behaviour must be collected and provided to the office.
Updates will follow.

[Update] Moira responds to the specific points made:

[About the permissions and the timeframe]
This is correct. It is zoned G7 and the CCT did approve the timeframe. We were paid a visit by the fire department on the evening and all our COCs were found to be in order.

[About the nature of the party]
The event was nothing like a trance party.

[About the level of noise]
Noise levels in the corridors (as Colin has attested) never went above 85db – so would have been lower in the apartments. Our NIA allows levels of up to 98db. Nevertheless, complaints such as this one is exactly why we want to soundproof the windows facing the tenant hallway.

[About the use of the banking hall]
It is not “misuse”. In fact, it is being used consistently with one of the primary uses of the zoning scheme i.e. an entertainment venue. See the zoning regs in this regard. We have complied with all laws and regulations. Thus, the term “misuse” is a misnomer.

[About the impact on value]
I cannot comment on this as I’m not an estate agent, but we are doing everything possible to ensure that noise is not an issue. We would also like to have guests leave via another exit other than the main entrance, and also not smoke there. Perhaps the trustees can advise again on the use of the Parliament Street exit for this?

[About dealing with the problem]
Instead of us going round and round with tenants / trustees – may I suggest that instead of taking a reactive approach, the trustees / tenants who oppose our current use of the banking hall as an events space (which is not going to change), make pragmatic suggestions on how we could improve and thus lessen the impact on tenants? In other words, in lieu of having the banking hall rezoned, what would they like to see done in order to improve the relationship between us and them?

01 Nov 2017

There was more noise made by some short term tenants again ... Maybe an idea would be for Afribode to have clear rules or whatever on a noticeboard in the units as people walked in. When people talk loudly (and scream across the atrium at their friend in the apartment across the way) it reverberates like you cannot believe.


This report has been communicated to Afribode. There is no direct evidence that this instance arose from one of their short-stay visitors, but the suggestion is now available for their comments. Updates will follow.

31 Oct 2017 8 (BkHall)

I just wanted to add my comments regarding the possible new events company in the banking hall.

Based on past experiences with how parties and events have been run in the banking hall - it's generally not the most professional bunch. They generally go on after 12 and the music choice is hilariously terrible and loud enough to rattle my windows ! ( my flat is on the first floor)

I expect this new company to be exactly the same.

I am really against this new proposal - I dont trust the company to stick to our rules. I do not approve of the attempt to cover up the glass in the passage way. It's already a dark corridor - the glass helps the natural light and allows us to save electricity by turning off the lights. From a heritage and visual aspect - the glass/design is a vital part of what makes these flats appealing. I think making permanent changes to the internal design just for monthly parties isn't beneficial for residents.

Anyway, this is long winded but essentially I am just writing to say - I don't support it.


Moira Johnston has provided some explanatory notes about the approach they are taking to their business which should help. You can see them here.

31 Oct 2017 8 (BkHall)

[Regarding the Halloween Party] – I moved out for the night due to the event. To add: the building smelt like a bar when I arrived on Sunday morning – I am not sure what the law is exactly but people are not allowed to smoke within x meters of a blg entrance – this needs to be enforced for any events.


Moira replies: The CCID as well as the fire department were there on the night and said that we were completely compliant – the CCID spoke to Colin and said that they had no issue with the smokers outside the front entrance. However, I mentioned to Colin that I didn’t think it looked great or would be nice for residents to come to, and that we’d like to be able to send smokers out of the side entrance on Parliament street to avoid this unsightly spectacle. We are waiting for feedback as this request was previously denied.

[Update] The building management office reports:
The Banking Hall operators did go out of their way to ensure that the music was below the required limit - according to our measurements it did not go above 90db. Party packs were left at each door on the first floor and they spoke to tenants on the first floor; owners and residents were invited to the event free of charge. People at the event did leave the building if they wanted to smoke, in Darling street to the sides of the main entrance; the area was cleaned by Sunday morning. Curtains were installed on posts in the 1st floor passage (which blocked off the view of the banking hall) and were taken down after the event.
There have been no complaints about this and at the time of writing there are no follow-up complaints from any residents or owners.

02 Oct 2017 8 (BkHall)

There is currently a crew of people moving items into the building and in front of Flat M15. I intially heard them after 8 on Sunday 1st October.

I was woken by loud voices, banging noises etc. at 00:50 am.

It is unacceptable that this is allowed at this time of the night.

All the activity is in front of my flat.



This is the first incident concerning noise and disturbance since 'EventRoom' took over the management and operation of the Banking Hall, as an events venue. The management office is dealing with this.
[Update] The noise problem seems to have arisen when the film crew wanted to leave the building by the front door after it was closed at midnight. All concerned are reminded that this is an absolute rule, no exceptions are allowed. [More in due course if more details become available]
[Further update] On the occasion of the Halloween Party (28 October) it was agreed that the front doors could remain open (with full security) until the building was clear. Hence, with trustees' permission, it has been established that the doors can remain open after midnight should a proper need arise, and provided that there is the security needed to manage entry and exit.

23 Sep 2017 413 The short term lets in unit 413 are becoming a problem. The noise – loud shouting and screaming, loud music and partying in the corridor area are causing intolerable disturbance late at night. Reported to security who attended to problem and noise abated for a short while but soon increased again. 

The registered owner has been requested to deal with this problem and the building management are investigating. [Update] The owner responded without delay authorising that these tenants be told they must leave if there were any further disturbance. This apartment is managed by Afribode and we are reviewing the way that these short-lets are managed. The visitor registration facilities on this web site are a step in the right direction.

21 Sep 2017 It worries me that the window cleaners walk on the 4th floor walkway roof. They do walk on the metal connection above the wooden beam and not on the plastic roof itself, but it is definitely not safe and they have been walking up and down there so often that the structure is most likely not so safe anymore. I have warned them several times. If they continue to use the roof, I suggest you order the company to install a safety line for the guys to clip into. It is quite a long drop if the roof collapses.  

The window cleaning contractor has been requested to ensure that cleaners do not work without safety lines.

30 Jan 2017 607 I had a disturbing incident on Friday 03 Feb, at approximately 16:45.
I was upstairs in my loft, when I heard a disturbance downstairs - to find a strange woman looking through my belongings. She had let herself in - as my door was open (to get a draught flowing through to alleviate the heat!)
When I confronted her she looked shocked- probably thought no one was home. I asked her what she was doing in the apartment but she couldn't give me any answer. I asked her to leave, and as soon as I looked outside she had already vanished.
I reported it to security, but the man on duty was not very helpful - I was hoping they'd look for her immediately as I gave a detailed description. I went to check with the security guard on duty after him, but he had no idea that I had reported this...
Description of intruder:
She is about 1.7m tall, very thin (emaciated), straight black hair tied up, Cape coloured, dark skin tone, lots of prominent (visible) South African prison-style tattoos- one across her back saying 'AMERICO' in all caps.
She was wearing pants, a tank top and a checked shirt tied around her waist.
My best guess is that she is a sex worker and was let in (but not escorted out) of the building. We have many more Air BnB tenants now, including the apartment next door to me (607) where she may have come from? [I have noticed other sex workers in the building on other occasions too- but they were escorted out]
Can we please warn tenants or let security know that guests MUST sign out too?
Or I can offer to do a sketch + description of her to be kept with security, so they won't let her in again?

The Management Office has things in hand - the incident was recorded in the book and security are already aware of the problems with this unit (607).

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