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Description   Importance   Location   Added
Doors   Wood Decking in Unit 1101 is loose and needs to be repaired.   Medium   Penthouse   24 Dec 2019
Apartments   Henry from visual advised that he has a spare bloodhound at the office that belongs to Mutual Heights.   Medium   Reception   06 Dec 2019
Apartments   Burst geyser Unit 319. Insurance will be submitted when invoices are received. No damage to common property.   Medium   Reception   06 Dec 2019
Doors   3rd 4th Floor fire escape door swing arm is broken needs to be repaired cannot replace.   Medium   Basement   06 Dec 2019
Other   The camera in the reception area is not working. The technician will quote to repair.   Medium   Reception   06 Dec 2019
Other   Men's Toilets blocked. Unlblock the sewer line.   Medium   Contractor Toilets   06 Dec 2019
Other   Paraplegic Toilet on the 2nd floor was leaking. Richard repaired the leak.   Medium   Contractor Toilets   06 Dec 2019
Other   Stop Valve in the basement ladies toilets was leaking repaired.   Medium   Common Property Toilets   06 Dec 2019
Atrium   Atrium cleaning project   Medium   Atrium   25 Nov 2019
Lobbies   Focus is being put on the alcoves, front reception and ground floor lift lobbies. The parquet flooring in the lift lobbies will be polished and the walkway mats will be cleaned in the next 2 weeks.   Medium   Building   22 Nov 2019
Other   Quote received and accepted for Swart Pump Services to replace the booster pump.   High   Basement Pump Room   15 Nov 2019
Other   Booster pump in the basement needs to be replaced or repaired. Waiting on quotes from Swart Pumps   High   Pump Room   14 Nov 2019
Other   Various cleaning issues in and around the building is being resolved   High   Building   08 Nov 2019
Other   Riser doors that houses the Main DB locks needs to be replaced. Quotes received to have the door operate with one key.   High   Riser DB's Doors   06 Nov 2019
Apartments   Electrical Smart Meter installation project started   High   Smart Meters   07 Oct 2019
Sprinkler System Pumps   The sprinkler system Gong that goes off as a warning of drop in water pressure. Doesn't work and the part was ordered.   Medium   Garage Entrance Area   02 Oct 2019
Lobbies   The note board at the reception is loose.   Medium   Reception   13 Aug 2019
Computers and networking   im struggling to activated the access cards on the cards reader system I have the right password but the page doesn't appear on the system its showing blank.   High   camera room   16 Jul 2019
Doors   Glass Door stuck again, called contractor out will be here early in the morning.   High   Reception   24 Jun 2019
Other   Serious water leak on the 9th floor, leak is coming from common area stack pipe. Leak find investigating   High   9th Floor   19 Jun 2019
Atrium   Flooding of 5 units on the second floor 208,209,210,211,212 and common area.   Medium   2nd Floor   07 Jun 2019
Floors   Flooding on 1st Floor Unit 108   Medium   1st Floor   07 Jun 2019
Windows   Unit 402 advised that there Triangle windows is rusting after skyriders installed the capping. Notified David he is meeting them today to resolve   Medium   Unit 402   23 May 2019
Lifts   leak in Lift room, we suspect the leak is coming fro Unit 10. Leak find to inspect and advise   High   Roof   13 May 2019
Windows   Owner 502 complained about north facing windows rattling and noisy when windy   Medium   Unit 502   13 May 2019
Doors   Receiving Door window & mag lock broken   High   Receiving Longmarket Street   18 Mar 2019
Doors   Door Strip on glass side door ( Parliament Street ) Broken   High   Side Door Parliament Street   18 Mar 2019
Doors   Lift room door needs to be replaced damaged   High   Roof   18 Mar 2019
Exterior   Stainless Steel Strip above garage door broken hanging loose.   High   Above Garage door   18 Mar 2019
Exterior   Garage entrance area needs a paint walls is dirty.   High   Garage Entrance Area   18 Mar 2019
Lifts   Steel Beam on left hand side glass door before you enter the ground floor lifts is hanging. This needs to be corrected looks very flimsy and could fall on a residents head.   High   Entrance   18 Mar 2019
Lifts   Steel windows around the lift room is badly rusted and damaged The equipment inside this room is vital and any water damage to lift equipment will cause serious damage to very expensive parts.   High   Roof   18 Mar 2019
Lobbies   Outside Unit 101&102 needs repairs to walls and a fresh coat of paint   High   Common Property Lobby   18 Mar 2019
Lobbies   I have made not of all the floors walkways and they are all in bad condition. They need to be repaired and painted.   High   Common Property Walkways   18 Mar 2019
Other   I had a look at most of the lift landings, they look dirty and in serious need of a paint.   High   Lift Landings   18 Mar 2019
Other   Trustees need to consider bird proofing on the East side of the building. They messing up the common areas and these areas will never stay clean because they are able to enter these areas with ease.   High   Roof ( East Side of Building )   18 Mar 2019
Roof   Roof top, there are so many electrical wires hanging loose on the roof. This needs to be neatened up.   High   Roof   18 Mar 2019
Roof   The tiles on the roof has spacers below the tile to prevent damge while walking on the roof. The spacers are brittle and some of them is broken. they need to be redone to avoid damage.   High   Roof   18 Mar 2019
Roof   Entrance door to aircon electronics is broken needs to be fixed   High   Roof   18 Mar 2019
Roof   Waterproofing on the roof is showing signs of deterioration. A roof this size needs regular maintenance. Roof needs some repairs and a coat of silver paint to protect the current water proofing.   High   Roof   18 Mar 2019
Stairs   East side of building walkways needs serious attention. These areas are dirty, railing badly damaged floors,walls and steel doors needs fixing an painted.   High   East side balconies   18 Mar 2019
Steelwork   All Steel work on the East side balconies needs to be stripped and painted.   High   East side balconies   18 Mar 2019
Steelwork   Steel poles in the inside of the building is dirty and looks bad. They all need attention fresh coat of paint.   High   Inside the Building   18 Mar 2019
Walls   East side of building walls needs to be repaired and painted   High   East side balcony Walls   18 Mar 2019
Wooden decking   Wooden deck on roof needs a varnish as the wood is exposed and is being damaged by the sun and rain.   High   Roof   18 Mar 2019
Other   Fibre cable running across Unit 517.   Medium   Unit 517   14 Mar 2019
CCTV Equipment   The security desk Monitor is not clear and our Access control contractor advised me that he needs to extend the VGA hardware. A quote was previously submitted.   High   Security front desk   11 Mar 2019
Doors   The cleaners reported a water leak down in the basement, when it rains they need to keep a cleaner in the to mop up the floors. This urgently needs attention as this is starting to damage the wooden window frame.   High   Basement   11 Mar 2019
Other   The contractor/tenant toilets is really in a bad state. Colin closed 3 toilets and gave the tenants a key to a toilet. There is only one toilet for the security,cleaning crew and the contractors inside the building. The locked toilets is starting to smell   High   Common Property Toilets   20 Feb 2019
Other   Colin was in the process of interviewing a possible candidate to fill a handy man position here at Mutual Heights. The person that Colin last saw was a guy by the name of Nazeer Daniels. He work at a student accommodation around the corner and his current   High   Caretaker Position   20 Feb 2019
Windows   Owner advised that her windows needs rubber seals as its making a noise.   Medium   401   14 Feb 2019
Other   Water cooling Towers to roof   High   Roof   28 Jan 2019
Walls   Atrium: Corner protectors   High   Interior   08 Feb 2016

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