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These documents are important (or merely useful) sources of reference for owners and residents.   You need the free Acrobat reader to read these "PDF" files.

Topic Link Size
Using the entry system: Yes it's true - you and your visitors can get into the building using ONLY your cell phone. 21 kb
Connecting your TV: This is a diagram indicating what each of the sockets are on your TV connection 22 kb
Internet survey report: This short report summarises the results of the internet survey, that led to the development of this web site.  Note that much of what we would like to do will require much more than the simple approach we have taken here, but have a look, see what you think, and do let us know how we might improve the web-based services.  151 kb
Conclusion of litigation with Old Mutual: Judgement 1 7,000 kb
Conclusion of litigation with Old Mutual: Judgement 2 2,412 kb
Heritage assessment report : this is a scanned copy of the original report, which has also been broken down into sections as indicated below as it is such a LARGE file.  It contains useful historical and heritage information about the building, for those who are interested. It includes images of all the floor plans for the building.    
Complete report (large file!): 6,621 kb
Title page and Executive Summary: 2,095 kb
Annexures: 531 kb
Architect details and references: 121 kb
Tabulation of the principal areas of the building: 1,908 kb
Floor plans from the basement to the very top ... : 1,832 kb

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