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"I'm just interested"

That's great! We understand!

In fact we get regular enquiries from people who are also 'just interested', because the building is a remarkable example of art deco (with neo-classical overtones) and it has converted very successfully from commercial to residential use. In fact, in 2016 one business purchased the fourth floor "Directors' suite" and adapted it for use as a business presence in the CBD

You may already know that there is a comprehensive record of the building on Wikipedia - we don't need to repeat that all here. Another quite different but interesting record of the building is from Giovanni Adolfo Camerada, who approached us very early in our involvement with the building. His personal take on the design and carving of the famous stone frieze is presented in detail on another page. We have also collected some old photographs of Cape Town (those including the building): check them out

However, if you want to come and see the building, that will be difficult. All the sections of the building are now privately owned by busy people and you can imagine that that makes things difficult. If this changes, we will explain what can be done on this web site. For now, we recommend that you review the Wikipedia page.

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