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Lift C at the main entrance to the building is presently not operating. It is anticipated that it will be back in working order on Tuesday 8th. We do apologize for the inconvenience


Mutual Heights is a sectional title scheme (as defined in South African law) at 14 Darling Street, Cape Town 8001. The building is so named because it was originally opened (in 1940) as the headquarters of what is now the Old Mutual insurance and financial services company.

Mutual Heights was one of the first conversions of an office building to residential use in the central business district of Cape Town. In this case the office building is very special, being one of the finest art deco buildings in the southern hemisphere. Opened in 1940, the "Mutual Building" (or "Mutual Gebou" in Afrikaans) was reportedly then the tallest building in Africa (apart from the Pyramids in Egypt), and it had the fastest lifts. They still work, and they are still fast.

Read more about the history of the building here. See the wikipedia page here. See the location of the building here or have a look at Google Maps.

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