Mutual Heights Notices

Mutual Heights Notices

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Notices inform you about important matters that might affect living and working at Mutual Heights - click a headline to see the notice

The Mutual Heights management team

Now that Theresa Boks is installed as building manager at Mutual Heights (even if locked down at home), the management team is in place and working. You might like to note the following details:

Chair of Trustees:

Peter Raimondo (

Building Manager:

Theresa Boks (


Jose Vital (+27 67 027 5411,

Portfolio manager at Faircape Management Services:

Justin Warren (

Senior manager at Faircape Management Services:

Jonathan Cohen (

Please use these email addresses for all communications about owning, living and working in the building. We need to make sure that we record all substantive communications, and other channels (personal emails, WhatsApp and so on) will not be archived.  But Jose uses WhatsApp on his cell, if you have urgent queries or concerns. Theresa is dedicated to Mutual Heights.  Justin is responsible for several buildings.  In case of ANY uncertainty, start with Theresa and she will do what is needed.

Faircape Management Services have distributed the following notice to owners in Mutual Heights, this is now shared with the wider Mutual Heights community:

We write to share important information about the new steps being taken to meet the challenge of Covid-19 and the imminent lockdown imposed by the President, to begin at midnight on Thursday, 26 March 2020.

In the current climate, the health and well-being of our entire community, including yours is at the forefront of our thinking and we at Faircape, whilst working with the trustees, have put together the below guidelines to ensure that the common areas remain safe, clean and protected.

To get through this crisis we must drastically change our behaviour and lifestyle.

In light of the above, we wish to address the following possible issues:

  1. Security Services- contracted security companies are to continue as per normal and the security companies will attempt to ensure that all staff will be stationed at their posts.
  2. Visitors - No visitors will be allowed on the property, unless essential, such as medical practitioners, paramedics or immediate family. We encourage all owners to refrain from inviting visitors, as this not only jeopardizes your safety but the safety of the entire complex.
  3. Any deliveries are to be collected at the entrance gate.
  4. Cleaning Services - All contracted cleaning services are to continue, subject to transport issues and staff availability.
  5. Refuse Removal - This will continue as normal but, unless you have a building manager living on site, you will need to assist with moving your bin outside on removal day.
  6. Common Areas - it is recommended that areas such as the gym and pool areas be closed and locked, to prevent the possible spread of Covid-19 as well as any unnecessary gatherings.
  7. Laundry Rooms - Laundry rooms are to remain open and owners are encouraged to wipe down buttons and handles before and after each use. This is strictly "use at own risk".
  8. Maintenance issues - Plumbers and electricians will still be available, but only to attend to emergency issues and owners are encouraged to only log an issue if it is an emergency. Gardening services will be suspended.
  9. Contract Work - all contractors projects will also be suspended with immediate effect.
  10. Insurance claims - insurance claims can still be logged by emailing
  11. Common Property Electricity - all common property electricity will be topped up shortly, to ensure there is sufficient supply during lockdown.
  12. Building Managers and Managing Agents - If your building manager lives on site, he/she will remain available for necessary issues. Should they not live on-site, unfortunately they will not be allowed to come to work. The managing agent will be working remotely and available via email during normal office hours.
  13. Emergency Numbers - Herewith a list of emergency numbers: Fire Department - 10107 // Ambulance - 10177 // Flying Squad/Bomb Squad - 10111 // Municipality Services - 086 010 8000 // Provincial Covid-19 hotline: 021 928 4102

It is recommended that the trustees create a sub-committee, open to volunteers to assist with dealing with common property areas and any issues that may arise at your complex.

We appreciate your co-operation and patience during this trying time, and can assure you that Faircape is dedicated to providing the best service possible at all times.

With effect from 1st March 2020, Mutual Heights is managed by Faircape Management Services

Portfolio manager: Peter McRae-Samuel (, 021 815 5850)

Building manager: (To be advised)

Concierge: Jose Vital is still our concierge (, 067 027 5411 inc WhatsApp)

Security: 24 hour security is still at the main entrance (021 465 2528)

Until the new Building Manager is appointed, the office on Mezzanine B will be unattended. Jose Vital, the concierge, can be contacted in the first instance.

FMS is based at: 6th Floor, The Terraces, Protea Rd Unit 1, Claremont, 7708
FMS postal address:  PO Box 13214, Mowbray 7705)
Telephone: +27 21 815 5850
Fax: 0865 110 120

The annual Cape Town Cycle Tour will take place on Sunday, 8 March 2020 - the “World’s Largest Timed Cycle Race”. The start is at the Grand Parade precinct in Cape Town CBD. Various road closures will be implemented on the day before and on the event day.

There will be amplified noise at the start venue from 05h00 – 10h30 on event day. The sound levels will be monitored by an accredited Sound Engineer. Further information from

Stillwater Sports will be hosting the FNB Cape Town 12 ONERUN on Sunday, 17 May 2020, starting at Woodbridge Island on West Coast Road and ending at FNB Portside in Bree Street in Cape Town CBD.

You can find out more about the event at In terms of amplified noise, kindly note that there will be light entertainment at the start area (06h00 – 09h00), at the finish area as well as along the route for the duration of the event from 07h00-14h00.


The New Year's Eve party was considerably extended, at the insistence of the host. We are gathering evidence about the impact on residents, so you are invited to add to the evidence by sending an email to

  • Do you consider that your enjoyment of being the building was affected?
  • Did you take any photographs or record any sound, or measure the dBA in the section where you were?
  • Was your access to the building impeded in any way?
  • Did you suffer any aggression, drunkenness or bad behaviour?

All comments will be gratefully received, but please only say what you would be prepared to confirm in an affidavit.

If you are an owner with tenants, can you make sure that your tenants see this message, and invite them to respond?

The event will start at 18:00 and end at 04:00. The banking halls liquor licence is until 02:00 so the bar will close at 02:00 and guest will start leaving the venue. For any further queries please contact Dayyaan on 067 027 2447.

The void between our building and the Eastern Bazaar (that used to be the Wellington Fruit Growers) is in a very poor condition. It is the principal means of access to many apartments in the lower parts of our building on that side, and it will be cleaned, repainted and restored (where necessary) as soon as the contractors can begin in the new year.

Mutual Heights Trustees have undertaken an extended review of the management of our sectional title scheme, and the building, and we invited proposals from selected management agencies in order to assess alternative approaches to the management that is required.

Following a careful review of three proposals, and meetings with the involved parties, it has been decided to invite Faircape Management Services (FMS) to take over the management of our scheme and the building. The decision was unanimous, and it was based on a detailed examination of the clarity and coherency of the proposed management procedures, organisational capacity, the approach to relationship management, and cost.

The migration will take place early next year, and it is hoped the new managing agents will be fully "in place" in March. Owners will hear from the new managing agents early in the process and there will - inevitably - be a need for you to undertake certain actions needed to facilitate the change: please be ready to assist. Our intention is that there will be improved clarity and efficiency for all of us involved in Mutual Heights. We have already asked FMS to undertake a detailed analysis of costs in case there is the possibility to reduce our levies; however I must remind you that our levies have always been close to the average for comparable buildings, and so there can be no guarantees.

Our community web site will continue to operate so long as it is useful, but please be advised that FMS have their own "Portal" that will provide owners direct access to many of their services. More about this will follow.

I have already thanked Property Exponents for all their hard work over the 14 years of their stewardship of the scheme. It has been an evolving process that we all undertook together; it started with excitement and enthusiasm on all sides, but we now need a steadier and more carefully managed regime.

In the meantime, please enjoy your holidays and get ready for new developments in the coming year. The lift replacement project is moving forward (the heritage approval has taken a long time) and we are undertaking a very detailed review of security.

With seasonal greetings,
(Prof) Andy Bytheway
Chairman of the Trustees

  • The FULL temporary closure of the section of …
  • Riebeeck Street, Cape Town Foreshore, between Adderley Street and Long Street;
  • Waterkant Street / Lower Burg Street, Cape Town Foreshore, between Long Street and Riebeeck Street; and,
  • St Georges Mall, Cape Town Foreshore, between Thibault Square and Riebeeck Street,

for the period between 06h00 and 20h00 on Saturday 07 December 2019 to general vehicular traffic will be permitted provided that the standard conditions for the temporary closure of roads for events and filming, listed below, are complied with in full and to the satisfaction of road authority.

  1. The FULL temporary closure of the section of …
  • Riebeeck Street, Cape Town Foreshore, between Adderley Street and Bree Street;
  • St Georges Mall, Cape Town Foreshore, between Thibault Square and Riebeeck Street;
  • Waterkant Street, Cape Town Foreshore, between Bree Street and Long Street
  • Lower Burg Street, Cape Town Foreshore, between Waterkant Street and Riebeeck Street;
  • Long Street, Cape Town Foreshore, between Hans Strydom Avenue and Waterkant Street;
  • Loop Street, Cape Town Central, between Strand Street and Prestwich Street;
  • Prestwich Street, Cape Town Central, between Long Street and Loop Street;

for the period between 06h00 and 20h00 on Sunday 08 December 2019 to general vehicular traffic will be permitted provided that the standard conditions for the temporary closure of roads for events and filming, listed below, are complied with in full and to the satisfaction of road authority.

The PARTIAL temporary closure [one lane and parking lane only] of the section of Darling Street, Cape Town Central, between Plein Street [NOTE] and Parliament Street for the period between …

  • 18h00 and 23h00 on Sunday 08 December 2019; and,
  • 19h00 and 23h00 on Monday 09, Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11 December 2019

to general vehicular traffic will be permitted provided that the standard conditions for the temporary closure of roads for events and filming, listed below, are complied with in full and to the satisfaction of road authority.

[NOTE: The MyCity bus stop as well as the entrance to Eastern Food Bazaar must be kept open. The lane closure may only commence after the end of the loading bay.

The FULL temporary closure of the section of …

  • Harrington Street, Cape Town Central, between Constitution Street and Caledon Street;
  • Barrack Street, Cape Town Central, between Buitenlant Street and Harrington Street Street; and,
  • Constitution Street, Cape Town Central, between Canterbury Street and Harrington Street …

for the period between 18h30 on and 23h00 on Thursday 05 Dec 2019 to general vehicular traffic will be permitted provided that the standard conditions for the temporary closure of roads for events and filming, listed below, are complied with in full and to the satisfaction of road authority.

Your Trustees’ focus at the moment is SECURITY management, but the LIFT project is ramping up slowly – it is not going to be a quick project. VISITOR MANAGEMENT pervades much of our activity. Details are to be found in the newsletter.

The management team met with Vizual Security to discuss current concerns about secuirty and to decide actions to be taken. Among other steps, we can focus on the boundary of the property, to better control who gets into the building and make sure we know who they are.

Several steps have been taken:

  1. Short-stay (eg AirBnB) visitors arriving at the building who have not been notified via the web site are now asked to fill in a comprehensive form at the front desk, including details of government ID and their booking agency..
  2. Visitors entering the building other than via the front door (through the Parliament Street door or through the Garage) are asked to report to security on first arrival.
  3. Deliveries of food must now be collected at the front desk - couriers will not be allowed to wander around the building and will not be allowed to be accompanied by security staff. Residents must make sure that delivery services have their contact information, security typically will  not have that information and can not be expected to provide it to unkown persons. .

Owners and agents are reminded that that registration of visitors is a requirement of our Conduct Rules and South African Law. Visitors can be registered using the web site, contact the office for more information.

Other matters are in hand to further improve security.

Dear Owner/Resident 

Capitec Bank will be undertaking some minor renovations starting Wednesday 03 July 2019. 

Please expect some noise during this period. 



Roads in the area will be closed for SONA 2019 that will be taking place on the 20th June 2019.

There will be road closures on 18 and 19 June 2019 due to SONA rehearsals.

Click here to go directly to the survey

This annual survey will establish management priorities for the coming year, based on the experiences of the whole community - Owners, Partners, Tenants, Residents, Visitors and others. It is presented as a series of statements that you are invited to agree or disagree with.  Thank you for working through the twelve short sections. If any statement is not applicable to you, there is an option to say so and skip to the next question.

Your email address is needed for validation, it will be respected and not used for any purpose other than within the Mutual Heights Community.  The first four questions are 'required', you can skip remaining questions but PLEASE just indicate where things are NOT applicable to you.

You can contact us by email at, or by phone on +27 21 465 6377.

Thank you, on behalf of the whole community.

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