Renting in Mutual Heights

Renting in Mutual Heights

Renting in Mutual Heights

"I want to rent in the building"

Some years ago, we were living elsewhere (out of the city) and an elderly couple (he was a professor at UCT) asked if they could stay in our apartment for a few weeks. They were being turned out of the very nice house that they rented in Rosebank because the owner needed it. They stayed for two and a half years! They loved living in the building and they loved the CBD. The cathedrals are within walking distance; there is a huge selection of places to eat, and there is a choice of at least two supermarkets just across the road. Entertainment (at the City Hall, the Fugard Theatre, and at the Artscape) is easily accessed on foot.

For some people, it is presumed that security will be a problem, but we have found that it is generally not so. Yes, if you step out at midnight into Darling Street, you will find that there are some really strange people around ... but many of them are actually quite interesting to talk to! The CCID (Central City Improvement District) initiative has made a huge difference, and their officers walking the streets are universally helpful.

So, what is it like living in the building?

  • There are seven lifts available. No problem getting up and down the stairs!
  • The whole place is cleaned regularly and comprehensively. If you see something that needs cleaning, and you mention it, it will be dealt with.
  • There is re-cycling in the ground-level car park. Tins, paper, cardboard, plastics and glass can all be re-cycled and the service works well.
  • The front door is closed at midnight and re-opened at seven in the morning. The side entrance is available 24 hours a day and there are video cameras watching and recording what is going on. Security is on duty 24 hours a day.
  • There are a number of 'short-stay' (for example 'AirBnB') apartments, but short stay visitors have to register their presence and we monitor the consequences and impact on the 'permanent residents' as closely as we can.
  • There is a general medical practice within the retail sections of the building, including a doctor, dentist and physio. A pharmacy in the same block is open until 23h00 and at weekends.

Trustees (and this web site) do not get involved in rentals and sales. It is best to have a look on gumtree: and search for “art deco”. That generally brings up the apartments on offer in our building. There are many agencies on the web of course. But one word of warning: PLEASE do not send any money to anyone, until you are completely satisfied that they are genuine. Have a look at the page that talks about apartment rental scams - it will give you an idea of how these things work.

Enough for now. Do get in touch ( if you wish, we like to be in touch.

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