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Date Change
29 Sept 2017 A series of changes in parallel with going live on 27 September. Data items on 'tblPersons' extended in response to requests from the managing office, with amended and additional input data validation. Layout and rendering of 'Manage your people' adjusted to take account of boundary conditions (eg when no people associated with an Entity and suggestions from early users.
Other minor changes applied.
28 Sept 2017 Functionality added for community 'adverts' to be posted by registered entities, and visible to all.
Newsletter 41 added.
Other minor problems sorted out.
17 Sept 2017 Improved pages for Admin pages that add and edit notices, news and blogs (ckEditor insists on wrapping all text in p tags)
Added help page with illustrative HTML constructions for common purposes
16 Sept 2017 Formatting and show-hide mechanism improved on pages that list News, Notices and Blogs
15 Sept 2017 Added a page on water usage statistics, accessed using a new menu item
8 Sept 2017 Added six-minute demonstration video about registered user (i.e. owner) facilities on this web, with a link on the home page
Sort order on the 'list permitted persons' report changed to start date rather than involvement type and first name
6 Sept 2017 Amended details of the welcome letter ahead of launch
5 Sept 2017 Added facility to add new sections in light of revisions to the section boundaries
Implemented auto-advice-email of new involvements to Admin, with one-click option for Admin to send welcome letter to the newly involved person
16 July 2017 Log on and off facilities revised to render as viewable buttons in the index pages
Obsolete functionality relying on Logon1 removed
10 July 2017 The 'Advisory' panel on the header amended to link through to a complete list of advisories
Date picker links corrected on 'Edit associations' and other pages referencing the old link
Community and Information menus re-arranged
Sort order for 'View current items' in 'Maintenance' changed to descending
'You can now do things' and menu structure for 'Manage your people' enhanced for access to registered user features
22 June 2017 Beta testing phase complete. Web site demonstrated at the AGM.

Last updated: 13 November 2017
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