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30 Jan 2017 607 I had a disturbing incident on Friday 03 Feb, at approximately 16:45.
I was upstairs in my loft, when I heard a disturbance downstairs - to find a strange woman looking through my belongings. She had let herself in - as my door was open (to get a draught flowing through to alleviate the heat!)
When I confronted her she looked shocked- probably thought no one was home. I asked her what she was doing in the apartment but she couldn't give me any answer. I asked her to leave, and as soon as I looked outside she had already vanished.
I reported it to security, but the man on duty was not very helpful - I was hoping they'd look for her immediately as I gave a detailed description. I went to check with the security guard on duty after him, but he had no idea that I had reported this...
Description of intruder:
She is about 1.7m tall, very thin (emaciated), straight black hair tied up, Cape coloured, dark skin tone, lots of prominent (visible) South African prison-style tattoos- one across her back saying 'AMERICO' in all caps.
She was wearing pants, a tank top and a checked shirt tied around her waist.
My best guess is that she is a sex worker and was let in (but not escorted out) of the building. We have many more Air BnB tenants now, including the apartment next door to me (607) where she may have come from? [I have noticed other sex workers in the building on other occasions too- but they were escorted out]
Can we please warn tenants or let security know that guests MUST sign out too?
Or I can offer to do a sketch + description of her to be kept with security, so they won't let her in again?
The Management Office has things in hand - the incident was recorded in the book and security are already aware of the problems with this unit (607).

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