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Water usage

Using data from our new water meters, we find that overall water usage in AUGUST was 1.51% down on JULY. That is going in the right direction! However, the distribution of usage is widely spread. You can see the distribution according to the number of apartments within each range:

Data for these charts is kindly provided by AMI

The chart shows the data for July and August, so that we can see where there are changes. About ten apartments are seen to be using virtually no water (they are presumably un-occupied) and several more have very low usage. The average usage is running at just over 3000 litres per section per month but the highest users are running at almost 18,000 litres per month. That is just under the City's limit, above which there is the risk of prosecution.

The top ten users - fewer than 6% of our sections - are consuming almost 20% of the total, as you can see:
Data for these charts is kindly provided by AMI

We will be tracking the trends - please watch this space ...

Last updated: 28 September 2017
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