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Description   Importance   Location   Added
Apartments   Repairs to Ceiling and Wall   High   Unit 203   20 Jul 2018
Other   Service Water Pump   High   Basement   19 Jul 2018
Other   Sound Measurements - Banking Hall and Building   Intermediate   Building   25 Jun 2018
Apartments   Waterproofing and Deck - 604   High   604   22 Jun 2018
Lifts   Lift Due Dilligence - TUV   High   Building   07 Jun 2018
Other   Service of Fire Detection Systems   High   Building   16 May 2018
Apartments   Rust To Windows   Intermediate   Unit 217   10 Apr 2018
Walls   Atrium: Corner protectors   High   Interior   08 Feb 2016

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18 July 2018
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