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18 Dec 2018
Jose the Concierge is on holiday, he will be back on Friday 21st December.

13 Dec 2018
Please be aware of a Film Shoot taking place in the main foyer this Saturday 15th December

05 Nov 2018
We are presently having all exterior windows to the building cleaned. Please keep all windows closed during this process. We anticipate that the windows will be cleaned by Wednesday7th November

28 Aug 2018
Please be aware lift B is having repairs done and will be out of order until further notice

13 Aug 2018
Please be aware of water pressure problems that may occur to the 9th floor apartments due to one of the water pumps being fixed/serviced

13 Aug 2018

30 Jul 2018
Alterations to 8th floor are continuing until further notice - we do appologise for the inconvenience.

30 Jul 2018
If you use AVG as a virus checker and have had trouble logging on to the web site, it is now 'white-listed' at AVG and you should have no more problems.

16 Jul 2018
Please take note that windows to the exterior of the building is presently being undertaken until Wednesday 18th July.. Please ensure all windows are closed during this period…

02 Jul 2018
Colin (the building manager) is on leave until Mon 16 July - if necessary please contact Daniel on 021 465 6377 or email

13 Jun 2018
Please note that lift "D" in the main lobby entrance is currently out of order and being serviced…we apologize for the inconvenience

12 Jun 2018
A march will be taking place starting at 10.00am. Darling Strret will be affected

01 Jun 2018
A movie shoot will be taking place over the week end which will affect Longmarket street.

25 May 2018
Please be aware that a Movie Shoot will be taking place on Sunday27th and there will be intermittent closures of Darling and Parliament Streets from 7.00am until 19.00hrs

19 Apr 2018
The Shutter door to Parliament street is having repairs undertaken and we anticipate that this will be done within two weeks . Security has been increased to this area until works have been carried out.

18 Apr 2018
City of Cape Town will be doing a water zone pressure testing in the CBD. This may lead to intermittent supply disruptions on Thursday 19th April between 20.00hrs and 04.00hrs.

29 Mar 2018
Please be advised that contractors will be cleaning the exterior windows to the building as of Wednesday 4th April and finishing on Friday 6th April . Please keep windows closed during this period.

26 Mar 2018
Please be aware Lift E at the Parliament Street exit is currently down and being worked on by OTIS

26 Feb 2018
Please be aware that LIFT B , in the main lobby will not be in operation between the hours of 20.00hrs and 6.00am until further notice.

26 Jan 2018
The windows on Longmarket Street and Parliament Street will be cleaned when the window sealing work is completed

17 Jan 2018
Please be aware that works are being done by Skyriders to the windows in Longmarket street and it is anticipated that this will be finished within six weeks

12 Dec 2017
Minstrels Parade will be taking place in and around Darling Street on the 16th December….between 12.00 noon until 21.00hrs…please be aware

22 Nov 2017
Lifts C and D are currently out of order and being worked on by OTIS

18 Oct 2017
Please be aware to check toilet button flush systems as , this at times gets stuck leading to water being wasted.

13 Oct 2017
Please take note that the City of Cape Town has activated water rationing to forcibly lower water consumption and this will lead to intermittent supply. Notices have been attatched in in all lifts for information given

06 Oct 2017
Skyriders are in the process of replacing all broken windows that may have occurred during the sealing of joints…..

06 Oct 2017
Lifts C and D are now in working order …

02 Oct 2017
At present lifts C and D and not operating …Otis are working on the problem and we anticipate the lifts being operational later today …2nd October

12 Sep 2017
Fire extinguisher was activated in the basement parking - Should anyone know the person responsible for this incident please inform the office

06 Sep 2017
DSTV fiber is presently being installed to the building and Once completed , a notice will be forwarded to all Owners informing who to contact should a DSTV fiber connection want to be installed to an Apartment ..

04 Sep 2017
Please be aware that Level FIVE water restrictions are now in place ...

15 Aug 2017
Lift C back in working order

14 Aug 2017
Lift C out of order …Otis waiting for parts

31 Jul 2017
Lifts C and D are presently out of order due to works being carried out by OTIS and expected back in service within two days.

28 Jul 2017
Water towers have been turned off due to repairs being undertaken and we anticipate the works to take 2/3 days

21 Jul 2017
Lift "D" now back in working order

08 Jul 2017
The next stage in the external works will be on the Darling Street elevation. A covered way will be erected along the Darling Street pavement for the protection of passers-by.

01 Jul 2017
WATER RESTRICTIONS are now at LEVEL 4b - you are limited to 87 LITRES OF WATER per person per day. Be aware, the new wireless water meters are now OPERATIONAL.

09 Jun 2017
Lift C at the main entrance to the building is presently not operating. It is anticipated that it will be back in working order on Tuesday 8th. We do apologize for the inconvenience

07 Jun 2017
Please can owners inform the office of any leaks that may occur around the window sections of your apartment in order to advise the contractor presently doing the sealant works…

02 Jun 2017
Please be aware of Marches taking place over week end ….Notices have been put up in the lifts giving the times on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd….

01 Jun 2017
Water Restrictions are now at LEVEL 4 …Please be aware 100lt per person /per day

31 May 2017
Due to Service of DB board by the City the electricty will be off on Sunday between the hours of 10.00am and 15.00hrs…..

03 May 2017
Please be aware that a march is planned for Saturday the 6th May starting at 10.30am and will finish at 14.00hrs…notice showing which roads affected will be posted in the lift notice board

20 Mar 2017
Grinding works will be taking place to the building in Parliament street elevation as of Wenesday 22nd March. Please keep windows closed due to the dust from grinding works to the joints.

10 Mar 2017
Gym equipment is being serviced and repaired. Some of the machines will be out of order due to parts having to be sourced and replaced.

08 Mar 2017
Shutter Door to Parliament Street is presently being fixed and for the next two days will be open. Security have been made aware of this .

06 Mar 2017
Impro plumbers are at present installing Water Meters to Apartments once dates have been arranged by owners

22 Feb 2017
Octotel will start with the installation of fiber to the building as of Monday 27th Febuary and this is anticipated to be finished within three weeks.

09 Feb 2017
Please be aware of a march which is taking place tomorrow between 11.00am and 14.30 hrs and will effect both Darling St and Adderley St

27 Jan 2017
"Damp work" has now started on the Longmarket St side ... please close your windows to keep out the noise and the dust!

19 Jan 2017
Please be aware that Security Staff have been instructed NOT to accept keys or luggage for safe keeping

19 Jan 2017
Please be aware that Security Staff have been instructed to NOT accept keys and/or Luggage for safe keeping.

18 Jan 2017
Please note that the cleaning of windows has been rescheduled to start on Monday 23rd January

17 Jan 2017
BSS window cleaning service will be cleaning the windows as of 18th and we anticipate that this will take three working days to complete. Should one find that a window/ windows have been missed please inform the office and we will endeavour to rectify

12 Jan 2017
Please be aware that Minor Building works will be undertaken to Apartments 101 and 813 as of Monday 16th January….Builders have been advised to keep noise levels down to an acceptable level and BC areas to be left in a clean state and will be monitored.

12 Jan 2017
Lifts C and D are now back in service

04 Jan 2017
Please be aware that at present lifts C and D are out of order due to a water leak that occurred on the tenth floor. This is presently being attended to by OTIS

25 Oct 2016
Roller Shutter Gate from Parliament Street is now fixed and working

20 Oct 2016
The Roller Shutter Gate from Parliament Street entrance to parking is presently out of order. Security have been advised and extra precautions made as the fixing of the door may take between 7-10 working days.

20 Oct 2016
DSTV Catch up ….Multichoice have informed us that there is presently a problem with the service but hopefully will be sorted out within the next few days

04 Oct 2016
Please take note to have windows and access to apartments closed as BSS Window Cleaners will be cleaning the exterior windows as of 5th October and we anticipate that this will take until 7th October to finish

22 Sep 2016
Works to the cooling towers and the new extraction motors to the roof are currently being undertaken By Two Oceans Contractors

09 Sep 2016
Please note that the door leading from the parking area to lifts has been removed for fixing

31 Aug 2016
New flooring is presently being installed to Lifts E and F . Please be aware of the fumes from the glue , used for the flooring, which will be noticable through out the day.

17 Aug 2016
Please make use of the New bicycle Racks that have been installed in the vicinity of the cleaners room. Security personel is available to show one where the rack is , if need be.

29 Jul 2016
Please be aware that the windows to the exterior of the building will be taking place as of Monday 1st August

25 Jul 2016
Film shoot to take place on the 5th and 6th August in the front entrance lobby.

14 Jul 2016
Please be aware that Darling Street will be closed on Saturday 16th between 14.00 hrs-18.00hrs and again on Sunday 17th between 7.00am - 18.00hrs due to filming taking place

22 Jun 2016
AGM meeting to be held in the Banking Hall on Thursday evening 23/06/2016 with drinks , snacks and live music afterwards

08 Jun 2016
The water pumps will be turned off from 10.00am until 14.00hrs on Thursday 9th June 2016 due to works being carried out to Apartment 1001

03 Jun 2016
The Road marking STOP signs have been repainted to the entrance shutter gate to the parking area

01 Jun 2016
Kindly inform the Building Manager of any moving of furniture in or out of the building before hand , in order to inform security and make arrangements for the goods lift and loading zone to be available

25 May 2016
Please be aware that we have bins in the parking level for tins,plastic and cardboard for recycling purposes

22 May 2016
This information service was initiated on 20 May 2016. Please bear in mind that some of the data is historical and there is a process in hand to review and refresh all of the data.

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