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08 Jul 2017 The business of the 2017 AGM is concluded

In accordance with the rules of the Sectional Title Act, the business of the 2017 AGM was finalised on 29th June.

Following the scheduled AGM on 22nd June that was not quorate, the requisite number of members met at the same time on 29th June and concluded the business as discussed with those present on the 22nd June.  Minutes will be circulated in due course.

26 Jun 2017 The AGM on 22 June 2017 was not quorate

There will be a follow through meeting on THURSDAY this week to conclude the business.

Under the amended Sectional Title Act the number of attendees required at an AGM for a quorum has increased. On  Thursday last week (22 June) the AGM was short of a quorum by about 10, including all proxies submitted.  It was agreed that the agenda would be discussed, and that in accordance with the rules, there will be a follow-through meeting on Thursday this week  (29 June) at which the business will be concluded.  This meeting can proceed with only two members present but if you wish to be there, perhaps because you wanted to attend last week but were not able, please contact the office to confirm the exact time and location.

15 Jun 2017 AGM Proxies requested

The rules for AGM proxies have changed. If you are NOT coming PLEASE send in a proxy by email - it's easy - just look here …

Our AGM is scheduled for 22 June next week. What you might not know is that the rules about the quorum and proxy arrangements have changed. Under the new rules, when compared with last year we will need almost TWICE as many owners represented in order to proceed. No one may have more than TWO proxies under the new rules (including the chairman). If the meeting is NOT quorate there are arrangements for a followup meeting a week later, but clearly this is not satisfactory for anyone.

We are therefore urging you to complete the proxy form sent to you with the notice of the meeting or - at the very least - to simply email your indication that you wish to pass an 'open' proxy to the meeting. If you are willing for your proxy to be allocated at the meeting then your proxy, with all the other 'open' proxies, will simply be shared out amongst those who do attend. Thank you for taking the time to do this - it is appreciated.

A suitable form of words for your email (please edit as necessary) would be:

To: The Body Corporate

Mutual Heights Body Corporate
Sectional Scheme number/year: 326/2005

We, the undersigned owner(s) and member(s) give notice to the body corporate of the above scheme that I/we appoint the chairman to speak and vote on our behalf at the general meeting to be held on 22 June 2017 (including adjournments).
If he is not able to exercise this proxy appointment due to the restrictions contained in the proviso to section 6(5) of the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act, 8 of 2011, then we authorise the chairman to substitute a third party instead of himself as my agent.

Member Name(s):
Unit Number(s):

[please insert your usual email signature]

31 May 2017 2017 AGM

The AGM will take place on 22 June, in the building, at 18h00. Further details to follow.

Papers will be circulated in the usal way. Please let us know if you have any particular questions - there will be time for an open discussion at the end of the meeting. Trustees will want to focus briefly on the management of short-term visitors (such as, but not limited to, AirBnB), which we intend to manage using the new web site. More details at the meeting. Be there if you can, and if not PLEASE send in the proxy form that will be available with the papers.  Thank you.

02 Jan 2017 We still need to SAVE WATER

Please be aware that the water shortage is now very serious. You are urged to economise in every way that you can - use the shower not the bath, shower for a short time only, turn the tap OFF when you are not actually using it, and only fliush the toilet when absolutely necessary.

The City of Cape Town explains …

Level 4 water restrictions

Council has approved Level 4 water restrictions, effective from 1 June 2017 until further notice. Level 4 entails a ban on all use of municipal drinking-quality water for outside and non-essential purposes. Associated Level 4 restrictions tariffs will be implemented as of 1 July 2017 (see tariffs below).

Insufficient rainfall and fast declining dam levels have led to the current unprecedented water crisis.

Please immediately:
• Cut your water use to less than 100 litres, per person, per day
• Use municipal drinking water only for essential washing, cooking and drinking purposes, and only use indoors
• Check and fix all leaks on your property

Level 4 water restrictions include the following:
• No hosing down of paved surfaces with municipal drinking water.
• No irrigation/watering with municipal drinking water allowed.
• No washing of vehicles and boats with municipal water. (Commercial car washes may apply for exemption.)
• Private swimming pools may not be topped up or filled with municipal drinking water.
• Use of portable play pools prohibited.
• Water features may not use municipal drinking water.

See a detailed explanation on the city web site HERE

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